There are numerous organizations and churches working hard to bring relief to the

thousands of people effected by the floods in Louisiana in 2016.




On August 12, 2016, a no-named storm poured down 6 trillion gallons of rain on south Louisiana. In less than three days, the storm produced historic, unprecedented flooding across the region. Law enforcement, Firefighters, National Guard, Coast Guard, Wildlife&Fisheries and the Cajun Navy rescued over 30,000 people and thousands of their stranded pets and farm animals. 13 people lost their lives. 146,000 homes were flooded. Over 100,000 people remain homeless or displaced, thousands of businesses were destroyed and agriculture suffered $110 million in damages. 80% of the victims do not have flood insurance. 1400 bridges were washed away or compromised. Countless roads were washed away and interstates shut down due to flooding. At least 22 schools sustained extensive damage leaving 30% of the states children unable to attend school.

In a state already reeling from north Louisiana’s devastating floods in March and the tragic loss of lives in Baton Rouge in July, the Louisiana Flood 2016 has given new meaning to being kicked while you’re down.

The hard-working people of Louisiana are overwhelmed and exhausted. The damages and loss are beyond comprehension. However, it’s times like these when the beauty of the American people shines as we stand to the challenge and become our brother’s keeper.

Louisiana needs you. Help us rise!


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